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Meet The Poo's is a story about Peter Poo and his family. Peter is a shy Poo and wants to ride the Flush Flume in the Toilet Swimming Pool like the rest of his family. Sarah wishes he would peep out at the right time, but he is so shy he pops his head out shyly at some inconvenient times. Meet The Poo's is written to help parents of children that have a sometimes unexplained and seemingly irrational fear of passing a poo or using the toilet. It is written to take the emphasis of the child to use the toilet, instead removing pressure and blaming Peter Poo for accidents and creating a will to help Peter.

Peter Poo to the Rescue is the sequel to Meet The Poo's and covers the topic of constipation and going to the doctors, something which is very distressing for children. It is often constipation that attributes itself, sometimes subconsciously, to a fear of the sensation of having a poo. According to Health Visitors 1 in 7 children are said to suffer from this. A child that suffers from Encopresis is often, wrongly, seen as a naughty or untrained child, so these books aim to reduce the stress on both the child and the parents and encourage better understanding and communication of the problem. Join Peter Poo as he tries to help dislodge Granny Poo, with a little help from Doctor Stinky, and make Sarah feel much more comfortable and happy...

meet the poos
peter poo to the rescue

Where to buy:

  • Meet The Poos was written, illustrated and self-published via Lulu.com, who distributes all copies of the book to stockists worldwide.

  • The cheapest online price I can find for Meet The Poos is via Book Depository, which includes free worldwide delivery.

  • Paperback copies can also be purchased via Amazon at varying prices here.

  • An Amazon Kindle version of Meet The Poos can be purchased here.

  • Google search for Meet The Poos will find alternative stockists.

Meet The Poos

Peter Poo to the Rescue


I have written, illustrated and self-published 2 books. If you have a child that has an irrational and unexplained fear or phobia of using the toilet, this could be what you are looking for. I originally wrote Meet The Poos for one of my own children. We had help from Doctors, Health Nurses and Encopresis Specialists, but nothing helped. A specialist read my story and took it to her manager, who said it was better than the resources the NHS had available. I was urged to publish it, so I did. This is not a potty training book, and if you know the struggle of toilet phobia, you will need no further convincing.


Peter Poo to the Rescue was written to help with constipation, going to the doctors and taking medicine. If your child is unfortunate enough to have a fear of these as well as a fear of the toilet, all are approached in a subtle and funny way to encourage your child to help the Poo family. The emphasis to "go to the toilet properly" is removed, and the child takes it upon themself to help the Poos. 


These books are not for everybody, but several thousands of people have written to me thanking me and claiming that their child's problem has been totally fixed, or has at least greatly improved.  


Please note: Due to publishing costs I do not sell copies of my books direct to buyers. The cost to you would be far too high. Instead, due to sales volumes across the world, the books are globally stocked by book stores and libraries and are available across the internet. I have added links below to the most popular stockists I have found.


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rob renee book review

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