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web design in barry
web design in barry
web design in barry


If your business would benefit from a professional web site which can be found on search engines get in touch with me and I will offer you a solution at a fraction of the cost of major design companies.

web design barry
web design in barry
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  • Can you create an e-commerce website?
    Yes, I make online stores for my customers. The use of e-commerce is forever growing so I move with the times and provide secure online shopping facilities when they are needed.
  • Can you make websites for hotels?
    I have worked with many B&B's, Lodges, Camp Sites and Hotels, including Hotel Chains. Whether you need a simple brchure style website or an online booking facility, I'm ready and waiting to build a website that will reflect your business and give you the online appearance your business deserves.
  • How long will it take to build my website?
    Assuming you communicate well with me, and provide mw with the information that I need (such as your logo, some text about you, any leaflets or other artwork you have, a list of websites that you like the look or function of etc) most websites are completed within 1-2 weeks of commission. I will always give an estimate of when I expect your website to be completed and will always advice if any delays are foreseen.
  • How do I pay for my website?
    I request a 50% deposit before any work is commenced. I then request the final balance of 50% the day before the website is made live.
  • Are there any ongoing fees?
    The amount I charge up front covers you for 12 months (including domain name and hosting). If you wish to keep your website going for a further 12 months the cost will be £100 less than the initial amount, For exampe, if your website cost £350, your 2nd, 3rd etc years fees would be £250. Ongoing fees only occur if you request a service that required ongoing charges, for example substantial monthly updates. Any additional charges will be made clear to you before any deposit is requested.
  • How do I pay you?
    I accept Cash, Bank Transfer or PayPal.
web design in barry
web design in barry
web design in barry

I've been designing websites since 1999 and have owned a successful business boasting clients such as Sony UK and various Councils. I have since settled down with a family and now work as a freelance web designer in Barry, making my prices lower than they used to be, but my work just as good. I've also written, illustrated and published 2 books for children, so creativity is in my blood!

I've designed websites for all sorts! I've built and managed networks of dating sites, small sites for sole traders, large sites for corporate companies and even sites for non-business owners, including wedding RVSP sites, photo galleries and hobby sites. There is probably no website that I couldn't build, and I'm still waiting for that challenge to come! So, please get in touch!

Rule 1, and most important, give the customer what they want, but more than they expect.
Rule 2, all sites use sensible colours that can be seen by everybody on computer screens, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.
Rule 4, KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid! If your website is too complicated, nobody will use it! My job is to make you look good, not me!

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